Founded in 1899 by Aníbal Sousa Rocha (grandfather of the current owners) in São Miguel Island (Azores), Tipografia Aníbal is the oldest graphic arts company in continuous activity in the Island, therefore is a true reference on the local market.

Aníbal Sousa Rocha – Founder of Tipografia Aníbal

The company’s activity started with small manual and pedal printing machines, with manual composition at Rua do Mercado, in Ponta Delgada. During its long history, Tipografia Aníbal has successively transferred its facilities to different locations being, nowadays, situated in Rua Margarida de Chaves.

In 1983, the first heirs, the brothers Maria da Conceição Sousa Rocha Amaral and Armando Reis Sousa Rocha, made of Tipografia Aníbal a private limited company.

From the 50s of the last century, the company embraced a modernization process that started with the acquisition of automatic printing machines with higher productivity rates. In fact, the first automatic Minerva (1953) and the first flat cylindrical (1973) (both of the world known Heidelberg brand) operating in the Azores were those of Tipografia Aníbal, that, by then, was a pioneer in the use of these new technologies.

In 1999, manual composition was replaced by computerized composition, which allowed the use of offset technology with the acquisition of 1 and 2 color printing machines. At the time, the plates were made by the photographic chamber process and photo printing equipment, being this technology replaced by CTP (computer-to-plate) technology in 2009. Again, Tipografia Aníbal was a pioneer.

Since then, several investments have been made in modernization, namely in terms of prepress, digital printing and finishing.


is,undoubtly, our employees that for us are like a second family that we have the honor and privilege of having as part of our team.

Without them, we would not be the reference that we are in the azorean graphic arts market because all of them, without exception, watch over the company as if it were theirs, even because they are, in fact, an integral part of it.

The best indicators we have to attest all this is the satisfaction and feedback from our customers that prove that without the unquestionable commitment and dedication of our employees (some of whom with us for several decades) we would not be Tipografia Aníbal but just one more graphic arts company among many others. This is what makes us have the unwavering certainty that our greatest asset is, in deed, our employees.


that derive from the competence and experience acquired over more than 122 years of existence. We believe that it would not be possible to be in continuous activity all these years without our integrity and quality standards and the relationship we´ve built with all our customers, suppliers and partners. All of this grants us a credibility that we like to think that is well deserved because it is the result of our way of being and working.


To continue to respond to the needs of our customers, we modernized our processes and machinery, namely in terms of services, prepress, digital printing and finishing. This qualitative leap leveraged our responsiveness, the quality of the products and services we offer and, consequently, the credibility and trust that our customers place in us.

Our evolution process has also led us to update our brand image. Therefore, we submitted our visual identity to a gradual refreshment process that culminated in a more contemporary and timeless logo.

Despite of the updating efforts that we have undertaken, we´ve done so without compromising our identity because it is this identity that defines, differentiates and keeps us faithful to the principles defined by our founder in 1899 which we intend to honor and perpetuate.


…are the guidelines that keep us focused on what is truly important to us and an integral part of our identity. They are the pillars and the basic principles that guide us and affirm our positioning before our customers, employees, suppliers and partners. For us, this principles are sacred therefore non-negotiable.