qualidade e sustentabilidade ambiental


Because it is possible to offer quality without compromising the environment

The raw materials used in production, namely paper, envelopes and inks, as well as the suppliers of these materials and the suppliers of production equipment, are all certified in terms of quality.

Special mention should be made of the fact that we use, exclusively, paper and specific inks for works intended for the food industry, duly certified as such.

For us, preserving the environment is equally important because we know that the planet is not just ours and, for this reason, we want to leave the best possible world for the future generations.

This genuine and constant concern of having the smallest possible environmental footprint, leads us to constantly review our environmental sustainability policy. For that, we encourage our employees, partners and customers to adopt ways of working that guarantee the least possible environmental impact. The suggestion to use recycled materials, the internal rules for saving exhaustible resources and reusing materials, are just some of the visible aspects of our commitment to grow without harming the environment.